We’ll post upcoming trips on this page, so please be sure to stop back.  We’d love for you to attend!

  • Please remember- all trips outside of the US require a valid passport.
  • Trips may be closed when our available seats have been filled, or may be cancelled early if we don’t see sufficient interest, so please register early!
  • A change in policy IS in effect – you must pay in full for your trip, at the time you reserve your seat.  The exception will be for multi-day tours, which need only a deposit at the time of reservation.
  • For more detailed trip information, check the Trip Table in the Center Lobby.

Upcoming Closures

March 23 – 27 – Covid-19 Crisis

April 10th – Good Friday

April 28th – Election Day

May 25th – Memorial Day



Community Resources

We've compiled a list of helpful agencies and resources in our community. Click here to see them.